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Martin the Magician

The Best in Entertainment

Recently seen performing LIVE on Channel 4, over the last 14 years, Martin has performed over two thousand shows worldwide as an experienced Professional Close-up Magician & a Professional Comedy Stage Magician.



Close-Up Magic


With masses of experience Martin has mastered the art of witty, comedy Close-up Magic bringing laughter and amazement to guests at weddings, parties & corporate events. Now based in London, Martin travels to perform magic at events all over the UK & worldwide on request.


Martin will approach each group at your event and perform magic with cards, coins that fall upwards, ropes, sponge rabbits (a favourite for women & children) and even borrowed and everyday objects! Signed cards appear in Martin’s pockets, impossibly into his wallet and even magically change in the spectators hands.  

Depending on the amount of people at the event, Martin’s average time spent performing to each group is approximately five to seven minutes.  This however is completely flexible.  If you have a large event with hundreds of people, Martin can perform shorter but equally as effective routines.  For small events such as dinner parties, Martin can perform up to two different 10 minute routines to the same table, basically anything can be covered.  If the event has hundreds of people attending, Martin can either recommend another Professional Close-up Magician to work alongside him, or can also offer his Comedy Stage Magic Act which he has performed to audiences up to 4000!

Close-up Magic is the perfect ice-breaker for wedding cocktail receptions, parties & corporate events.  Any event where people are in a small group is perfect for Close-up Magic!  



Magician | Hire | London, Surrey, Essex, UK & Worldwide

“Everyone just can’t stop talking about the magic that you performed at our wedding, we were speechless!
Thank you so much for making our special day even more memorable” - Michael, Groom



"That was FABULOUS! How on earth did you do that?!” – Joanna Lumley

Magician | Hire | London, Surrey, Essex, UK & Worldwide

Table Magic


Martin also performs as a Table Magician.  Table Magic is often used for weddings at the wedding breakfast / evening reception, corporate functions, corporate dinners, parties, Birthday parties, Christmas parties…the list is endless.  Basically any event where you have guests sitting at tables is ideal for Table Magic.

Martin will approach each table performing specially designed routines to be seen by all at any size table.  How does this kind of magic work if the people at the tables are eating?  Don’t worry…Martin performs table to table in between courses, creating a fantastic atmosphere at each table.  Will he get in the way of the waiters?!  As the 5 year resident at a dinner & dance show venue performing over two thousand shows, Martin has more than enough experience to work in any situation.  If a waiter approaches the table ‘mid-routine’, Martin actually includes them in the routine!  You can be assured of a comfortable, professional approach at every table.



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